The journal Justici is published (P-ISSN  1979-4827 E-ISSN 3032-7903) by the Faculty of Law at IBA University on a regular basis every 6 months. This journal is a journal with the theme of Law, with the benefits and objectives for the development of Legal Studies, by emphasizing the nature of originality, specificity and the latest articles in each issue. The purpose of this Journal publication is to provide a space to publish thoughts on the results of original research, academics, namely students and lecturers who have never been published in other media. we also provide information that our journal reading list from 2008, but onlie journal archives can only be done in 2019. Therefore, readers who want to read Publication from 2008 until 2018 can visit the IBA University Faculty of lay library.

The focus and scope of writing (Focus & Scope) in this Journal focusing on publishing legal scientific articles on the following topics:

  • Constitutional law;
  • Administrative Law;
  • Criminal law;
  • Civil law;
  • International law;
  • Procedural Law;
  • Customary law;
  • Business law;
  • Tourism Law;
  • Environmental law;
  • Law and Society;
  • Information Technology Law and Electronic Transactions;
  • Human Rights Law;
  • Contemporary Law;
  • Islamic law.